• BeCare Link helps me manage my condition so I feel better.
  • I'm taking an active role in my treatment, I can show the doctor my results on the app and communicate more effectively with health care professionals.
  • I'm getting more customized treatment.
  • I'm doing my bit to contribute to research.
  • I can get more treatment with less visits to doctors or hospitals, for less money.
  • BeCare Link helps me get my job done better and more efficiently, with accuracy.
  • I can help my patients more because I know more about what ails them and what rate their MS is progressing.
  • I'm helping contribute to a cure of this debilitating disease.
  • I can offer more focused, specialized treatment, as every patient is different.
  • BeCare Link gives me data and insight that will drive better research that were never available to me before.
  • Building a database, we can better track MS and help patients.
  • This technology can be applied to other neurodegenerative diseases also, peoples lives will benefit.
  • The cost of health care per
    patient can be brought down considerably; we can help more people for less, by assisting patients and doctors in a more comprehensive manner.


BeCare, being the future of care

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